Questions and Answers about Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Teats

We have many enquiries here at Dr Brown’s about teats. Ranging from what teat size the bottles come with to what size teat should my baby be on.

In this blog post we have identified some of the questions that we regularly get asked.

So, question number 1,

‘What level teat do I have?’

To find this out you have to look on the rim at the bottom of the teat. It will say Level and then in a circle the number. However if it was a preemie teat it’ll say ‘P’ and Y cut it’ll say ‘Y’. Circled below in where you’d find this information.

Highlighted teat


Question 2,

‘What size teat should my baby be on?’

The basic answer is every baby is different, some babies require slower or faster teats than other babies. However we do provide a recommendation for the different levels of teats, however these are only provided as guidelines to us to help you make the decision to move your baby on to the next level.

Preemie Teat – for Premature Babies.

Level One – for infants 0-3 months (Flow rate- 57% faster than the Preemie Teat)

Level Two – for infants 3-6 months

Level Three – for infants 6 months plus

Level Four – For infants 9 months plus

Y Cut Teat – Allows thicker feeds which would block the hole of a normal teat.


Question 3,

‘What teat size would I need for my X week old baby who is one a thicker feed?’

This is where it gets trickier. Picking teats when you have a thicker formula is based on trial and error. We would normally recommend trying a level higher.

For example, if you had a three week old baby on a thicker feed we’d suggest going from a level 1 to a level 2.

We would also suggest propping your baby up whilst feeding using a faster flow teat, but its best to check with your Health Care Professional.

Question 4,

‘Why won’t my preemie teat fit onto my 120/240ml bottles?’

The preemie bottle is something called a ‘standard neck bottle’. This basically means that the neck of the bottle is smaller in comparison to our other bottles. This is because when you are feeding a smaller baby you need a smaller bottle.

The preemie teat flow is slower than the level one. The level one is about 57% faster than the preemie.  The level one teat will drip about one drop per second with water in the bottle and the preemie flow takes between 2 – 3 seconds per drop.

Our 120ml and 240ml bottles are ‘wide neck bottles’ and these are sold in the UK along with level 1, 2, 3 ,4 and Y cut teats.

Question 5,

‘How do I clean my Dr Brown’s teats?’

You must never use the vent brushes to clean the teats. If the vent brushes are forced through the tip of the teat, this can either widen or split the teats making them unusable.

It can also cause the teat to split. You can purchase our bottle and teat brush to ensure that the teats are cleaned correctly and effectively at





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