Why is my baby crying?


Do you know that crying is your baby’s only one way of communicating what he wants. Newborns cry between one and three hours a day, but by the time your baby is a few weeks old, you will probably be able to distinguish which cry is a hungry cry, a colicky cry and which one means he needs a comforting cuddle. It’s relieving to know that there are only a handful of things, which actually make newborns cry, so it may be a process of elimination till you work out which it is.

Colic is categorised as persistent & severe crying, occurring mainly late afternoon or evening, lasting at least 3 hours a day and 3 days a week.

78% of Healthcare Professionals agree that the most common cause of colic in young babies is caused by digestive or feeding problems, including swallowing air

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Do remember that if you still feel there is something else bothering your baby, you should consult your health visitor or GP for further advice